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Elizabeth Bay is a secluded slice of inner-city living. Sharing the same peninsula with Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay is one of the most densely populated areas of Sydney due to a majority of apartment living. V-Move knows apartments and is the best choice for your Elizabeth Bay removals experience. Our compact but spacious trucks get in and out of the steep streets and make your move as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

V-Move understands the logistics of apartment moves. Does your building manager need notifying? Does your building have a small elevator or only stairs? No problem! We will find solutions to almost all your removals issues. Pick up the phone and call us now for a free quote on your Elizabeth Bay move. Tell us the details and we will tailor our services to suit your budget and needs.

Get the best from the professionals at V-Move. With many years’ experience, our expert packers and movers can make your move to or from the Eastern Suburbs a breeze.

Call Out Fee For Elizabeth Bay

1 hour

Our Happy customers From Eastern Suburbs

Paolo and Sam snagged their dream apartment in Elizabeth Bay but had a small window of time to move into it. Both worked full time and neither had the opportunity to take much time off work to organise the move. They called V-Move and we suggested our full services. 

On Monday, we delivered 30 plastic moving crates to their old one bedroom apartment which they hired for the week for $119. They packed any personal belongings when they could, but left the rest for our professional packers on the moving day. The plastic boxes are more environmentally friendly because we reuse them again and again, cleaning and sterilising them between jobs, and producing less waste than the cardboard boxes and tape. 

On Thursday, 3 men and a truck arrived in the morning to pack and transport Paolo and Sam’s furniture to their new place in Elizabeth Bay. They dismantled the bed and other furniture and packed it into the truck along with the plastic crates. At the new apartment, our team unpacked and placed the boxes in the corresponding rooms and set up the bed again.

The move took around 6 hours costing around $980 including call out fee. We calculate the costs before the move and have no hidden fees that other companies spring on you at the end of the job. When the boxes were empty, our men took them away, too, leaving Paolo and Sam with just their possessions and nothing more to worry about. 

Impressed with the service, Paolo and Sam called us again to use our furniture pick up and delivery service. They had ordered a new coffee table from a designer and paid our careful moving team to transport it to their apartment for them, knowing that it was in safe hands.

Get The Full Service For Your Elizabeth Bay Move

A lot of people don’t enjoy packing. Then there’s the heavy lifting and trying to get someone to help you transport your belongings to your new place. It can be such a headache. One that V-Move wants to help you relieve. While paying for removalists may seem expensive, it can help you save money in the long run. Call us for a free quote and we can help you get the most bang for your buck. 

At V-Move we give you options. Maybe you want to pack yourself. Maybe you want us to pack for you. Maybe you just want to hire eco-friendly moving boxes from us. Maybe you just need us to move the bulky items like bed frames and mattresses, or even a piano. Whether you need expert packers to deal with your fragile items, or want to buy cardboard boxes and packing materials for storage, V-Move has everything covered.

If you are time poor but willing to pay a competitive price for peace of mind, why not consider our full service option? We highly recommend this option if the job just seems too big to handle.

Want To Save Your Moving Budget?

Get Free Plastic Boxes For One Week, When 3 Or More Bedrooms Moving!

Living in Luxury in Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay packs a lot in. Most people live in apartments, most with a view of the harbour, all surrounded by the beautiful fig trees that characterise the area. It also offers culture, cafes and places to relax all year round. 

From MacLeay Street to Keltie Bay, Elizabeth Bay packs in an array of architectural styles, including functionalism, commercial palazzo, free classic, and, of course, art deco. Elizabeth Bay House is the centrepiece of the neighbourhood showing off its colonial style architecture and hosting everything from weddings to parties and other events.

Elizabeth Bay has two stunning parks that offer respite for its 5200+ residents, Beare Park by the harbour, with the newly renovated marina and cafe, and Arthur McElhone Reserve with its koi pond and beautifully kept gardens. 

With a selection of restaurants and cafes along MacLeay Street and Elizabeth Bay Road, residents of the area are never far from their local. Other shopping can be found along MacLeay street heading towards Kings Cross Train Station, just a 15 minute walk away. Elizabeth Bay is accessible by train and bus, but its close proximity to the city means over a quarter of residents choose to walk to work in the Sydney CBD every day. And with the landscape as pretty as it is here, why wouldn’t you?