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Well-connected is how you would describe Edgecliff. Not only is it a transport hub for the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, but it’s also an affluent suburb with a prestigious school and expensive old houses. Though that is just half the story, as Edgecliff is also home to many professionals and young couples, as well as retirees and families.

V-Move is your first choice for removal services in Edgecliff. With many years’ experience and a team of professional packers and movers that complete consistent high quality jobs, V-Move knows how to get you in and out of Edgecliff without fuss. 

Need 2 men and a truck? Call V-Move for a free quote and get the most competitive price for the friendliest and most efficient moving service in Sydney’s east. Saving you time and the headache that often accompanies moving day, V-Move has the service specifically for your needs.

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V-Move can get you into or out of your Edgecliff residence with minimal fuss and optimal cost. Whether you want to pack for yourself or you need our expert team of packers to deal with fragile items, we have you covered. Bulky items like mattresses and beds, and other delicate, heavy items like pianos and other large instruments, are no match for V-Move professionals. 

Edgecliff is full of multi-level apartments and sometimes this can cause a lot of stress and be a logistical nightmare. V-Move is committed to taking the stress out of moves like this. We make sure we organise with you and the building manager to get the best timing and use out of the lift or stairwell. 

For our environmentally conscious customers, we offer the rental of plastic moving crates. They are cleaned and sanitised between every move so they arrive at your home as if brand new. When you have finished using them we take them away free of charge, so this keeps the waste from a move to a minimum. Find the right amount of plastic boxes for your move on our website. Packages start from $99 per week for 25 eco friendly plastic moving boxes recommended for a studio apartment. We will deliver them to your door at no cost.

Even if you’re not moving house, you can use V-Move to deliver new designer furniture to your house. Our experts will be responsible for not only getting it to your house, but inside it as well. Or, if you have any unwanted furniture you need taken away, we can do that too. We will take it to the charity of your choice, or to the right depot to be recycled. We believe in minimising waste where we can at all times.

V-Move also specialises in office removals. When David and his team had to move their small office from Edgecliff to Surry Hills, he called V-Move and we arranged a delivery of 40 plastic crates to his workplace. For two weeks of box hire, the company paid $199. David and his team packed over the span of a week and then the following Monday, three men, a truck and van came to collect the boxes, the desks and office chairs, as well as any other office item left over. Thanking us for a quick, great job, David and his team gave our men a carton of beer

Need to store a bed? Or just a bunch of cardboard boxes? V-Move has storage solutions for you. In collaboration with a storage facility in Marrickville, we offer 24-hour accessible and protected storage rooms. We can sell you cardboard boxes and packing materials and transport your belongings to our warehouse. Check out our prices on our website today!

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Living in Edgecliff

Edgecliff is only 4 kilometres from the CBD of Sydney and two train stops from the business centre of Martin Place. Because of its close proximity to the city, as well as other well known affluent villages like Paddington and Double Bay, it can be an expensive place to buy.

Centred around the busy New South Head Road, Edgecliff is not as calm and quiet as other eastern enclaves, but what it lacks in tranquility it makes up for in services. 

Edgecliff is the secondary transport hub in Sydney’s eastern suburbs after Bondi Junction. It is serviced by the Eastern Suburbs Trainline and above the train station there is a bus terminal for many of the bus lines for the hard-to-reach peninsulas of the harbour-side neighbourhoods. 

Edgecliff boasts a comprehensive shopping centre and small, unique specialty shops. It has a small commercial centre, too. It has around 2580 residents who live in either apartments, terrace houses, or large heritage homes. To the south, it is bordered by the city forest of Trumper Park and down the hill towards Kings Cross lies a popular picnic and recreation spot, Rushcutters Bay Park. Many apartments have views over Sydney Harbour.

Edgecliff is in walkable distance to the suburbs of Paddington, Woollahra, Double Bay, Darling Point and Rushcutters Bay. It’s a 20 minute walk to Centennial Park and another 10 to Bondi Junction. You never feel disconnected in Edgecliff.