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Just south of the more famous Bondi beach, sits the no less beautiful Bronte, 8 kilometres from the Sydney city centre. If you’re looking for a quieter slice of Sydney’s eastern ocean beach life, but still be central to everything, Bronte is the suburb for you.

The residents consistently vote it one of the best places to live in Sydney, so if you’re lucky enough to join them, call V-Move to help you move. House or apartment, V-Move tailors their services to meet your needs. We are the most trustworthy removal company to get you in or out of Bronte.

To match the kind community feel of Bronte, the professional V-Move team will bring a personal touch to our services. Call now to get a quote for the job you need doing.

Do you have to throw away old furniture but want it resold or recycled? We can carry it away for you. Do you require plastic packing crates? We can deliver them to you at no cost. If it’s moving day, we can organise a careful pack and a seamless move to take the stress out of relocating.

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Our Happy customers From Eastern Suburbs

When Bronte residents, Moira and Andrew, renovated their back living room, they had a lot of old shelves, coffee tables, and sofas to get rid of. They called V-Move for a quote on taking the items to charity and to be recycled. The job required 2 men and a truck and because it was a Wednesday, the hourly rate was lower than the weekend rate.

Our men arrived and took everything away within the minimum three hours of the booking. Satisfied with the job, Moira and Andrew used V-Move’s services again a month later when they wanted a variety of new furniture delivered from showrooms. 

Surfer and photographer, Gary, has lived in Bronte for four years. He got a contract job in Byron Bay and decided to sublet his apartment to friends while he lived up the coast. To make room in the apartment for the new tenants, he chose V-Move to take some of his possessions away to storage for the three months of the job.

He bought several cardboard moving boxes as it was cheaper than hiring the plastic moving crates for that amount of time. We came and picked them up and took them to our storage facility in Marrickville. He hired a storage space fit for a 1-bedroom apartment and it cost around $10 a day to keep his belongings safe during the time he was away. For peace of mind, Gary, organised with V-Move a courier service to bring the boxes back to his apartment when he returned.

Bronte Removalists Saving You Time and Worry

V-Move is the best choice for you if you need delivery or pick up to or from your house in Bronte. No job is too small or big for our professional movers and packers. You can buy cardboard boxes or hire sturdy, environmentally-friendly plastic moving crates.

We can deliver new furniture or remove unwanted pieces. We’ll deal with the heavy stuff if you’re working with interior designers or renovators. Rest assured that all your possessions are in good hands. We use bubble wrap and protect every delicate and breakable item in our trucks with fabrics. Also, our team is very experienced with large, awkward items like musical instruments and antiques.

Save yourself time and worry and call V-Move today for a free quote, make us your first choice in Bronte moving.

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Living in Bronte — An Oasis By The Sea

There’s a reason why residents of Bronte rate it so highly. It has a much more relaxed atmosphere than the beaches north and south of it, but still caters to every need of the beach lovers that go there. Bronte is a leafy paradise that is still a hop, skip and jump away from the shopping centres of Bondi Junction and Randwick. It is connected to both centres and the Sydney CBD by bus, but its beauty lends itself to get around on foot as well. 

Bronte Park attracts picnickers and BBQs, and the picture-perfect Bronte Baths has its fair share of regular swimmers. Bronte is lowkey but still has a thriving cafe and restaurant culture. It’s polite and not really a hotspot for a younger, noisier crowd. For surfers, there’s the famous Surf Club along the beach. The bay boasts good surf with far fewer bodies than Bondi.

The suburb surrounds Bronte Gully, a hidden green oasis that locals use for recreation and dog walks. You will feel as though you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, even though you’re still in the middle of it.