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Densely populated and one of the most popular seaside suburbs in the world, Bondi sits directly east of the Sydney city centre. V-Move can take care of your move to or from Bondi with no fuss. We are Sydney’s most trustworthy removalists with 5 years experience. We take pride in knowing the Inner-Eastern villages of Sydney and will make packing and moving home or office as stress-free as possible. Whether Bondi is your new or old neighbourhood, call V-Move today for your free quote. 

No move is too tough for our team of experienced packers and movers. We know how to get in and out of every size of home, from small studio apartments to stately houses and everything in between. We understand not every apartment building and house is the same. We’re committed to tailoring our services to meet your needs and to leave no trace.

From the moment you call for a quote to the moment our team members leave in the truck, our job is to give you the best moving experience. We offer competitive prices for the comprehensive services we provide, so if you’re looking for Bondi removals, call us today.

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Our Happy customers From Eastern Suburbs

Michael had lived in Bondi for several years. His rented studio was perfect for his time living as a young professional who also surfed before work each day. When his new relationship became serious, he decided to move to a bigger apartment in Maroubra to have more space but still be close to the waves. 

For his modest amount of belongings, he knew he could make the move in one trip and save money. He called V-Move for a quote and settled on our Studio Package of 25 plastic moving crates and 2 men and a truck. We arranged to drop off the crates to Michael’s apartment a week before the move, free of charge, and he packed up the place himself. 

On the day of the move, all that was needed was our two professionals to pack up the boxes and the furniture and transport everything to Michael’s new apartment. At the new place our guys had a friendly chat and cup of coffee with Michael, who was happy not a scratch was to be found on his surfboard. 

The Freedman family live in a beautiful art deco townhouse in Bondi. The family of three was about to become four when they called V-Move to help out with the new baby’s room. V-Move offers the simple task of furniture removals, taking away unwanted furniture and delivering the new. 

They called and got a quote for our hourly rates and call-out fee for two men and the truck. We worked out the job would take a maximum of four hours and on a Saturday, it would be around $600 in total.

We carried out the old furniture from the former office and took it to the charity of the Freedman’s choice. Anything else that couldn’t be resold was taken to be recycled. Then, we picked up the new baby room’s furniture from the several suppliers they had used and delivered it right inside the room. For all your furniture pick up and delivery needs, call V-Move today.

Two Men & A Truck Make Moving In Bondi A Sea Breeze

V-Move has a dedicated and professional team of the best packers and movers in Sydney. If you’re searching for the most skilled moving company for your move in or out of Bondi, look no further than our trusted group of Bondi removalists. 

No matter the size of your home, we have services that match your needs. We understand the unique layout of Bondi, with its hills and cul de sacs, and clusters of apartments nestled under the canopy of a subtropical forest. Our compact trucks and vans won’t disturb the neighbourhood. 

Whatever your specific moving needs, we will arrange it all. We can pack your house up, deliver new furniture to your door, or just lend you eco-friendly boxes to do the move yourself. You select the services you need and we do the rest.

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Bondi: Sydney’s Sandy Jewel

Due east of the Sydney CBD is one of the most photographed coves in the world, Bondi Beach. The golden sweep of beach is bordered by two headlands and two saltwater pools, but most people come to sit on the sand or surf on the guaranteed waves. But Bondi is more than just sun and surf. Away from the beach you can find green parks and sports fields, eclectic shops and some of Sydney’s best dining and eateries. Along Bondi Road there is an array of multicultural restaurants and cafes, including one of Australia’s biggest range of Jewish establishments. 

Some of the best activities in Bondi are free. Take a picnic to Waverley Park or by the beach, or start the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Take your kids to the North Bondi children’s pool, or just stroll around the streets looking at the many art deco buildings.

Everyone wants to visit Bondi, and you’ll certainly find people who want to stay there too. From locals to working holiday makers and backpackers, you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with a mix of people from beach bums to professionals to families. Bondi is the ultimate dream of what living in Australia can be for both Aussies and those from overseas. While it can be pricey to live there, the wealth of choice and access to both city and coast remains as desirable as ever.