The Benefits Of a Full Service Move: Boxes, Packing And Removals

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Booking a moving company for box hire, packing and removals may seem pricey but it sure can be worth it.  Here are the benefits of booking a full service move:

A stress-free experience

Do you hate moving?  Buying boxes and packing material, packing, decluttering, cleaning, hiring a truck or getting friends to help, lifting heavy furniture… do away with it all by paying someone else to do it for you!  You can live as you would usually do up to 2 days before the move and get a moving company to do everything and set up your new home.

Learn from the experts

Even if you only book it once, you can learn how to do efficient moves after seeing how professionals do it.  Learn how to pack efficiently, to avoid box and property damage, how to disassemble furniture and reassemble it, how to pack the back of a truck.  Apply this to future house relocations.

Have the best items at your disposal

Professional removalists use boxes and packing materials that are better quality than what you will find at your local shops.  Stronger, double wall cartons, better tape, packaging paper in volume, trolleys, dolleys, blankets.  Your furniture, white goods and belongings be better protected especially if you are planning to put them into storage.  Any boxes you keep after your move will be durable.

Save time

The best removalists will take half the time to pack and move than you would yourself.  As their trucks are fitted and well equipped with tools, straps and dolleys they will move and pack faster than you would.  Experience also improves efficiency and our men are likely to ensure heavy lifting more than you would.  Packing will also be faster.  Customers tend to have an emotional connection to their things.  Packers are objective and only want to protect your items and find the best way to pack them into the boxes.

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