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What is  a backload?

A backload is a load transported on the return to base for a removalist or freight truck.  Removalists often do backloads to cut costs and optimise profits for any removal.  Removalists do backloads for long trips such as regional and interstate moves.  The return trip will always cost a removalist, so they will try to provide customers with a chance to move their belongings to the removalists’ base city.

What are the benefits of backloads?

Backloads tend to be cheaper than getting a truck for yourself because the removalist will offer discounted rates to fill the backload.  The turnaround is quite fast given that the truck needs to be back to base at a certain time and will drop off your goods by then.  (The exception to this is if it is a large company and interstate backloads are carried by large freight trucks.)

Are there any drawbacks?

Most removalists will have scheduled backloads so times a removalist will come to do a pick up are set.  For large companies, as mentioned above, turnaround may be slower if items stay in a warehouse until the large truck picks them up.

Some people suspect their belongings will not receive as much care as the main move.  This is not true, professional removalists will treat your items will take care of all customers’ belongings equally.

Interstate and regional backloads with V-move

Our company does regional and interstate removals and offers occasional backloads.  Have a chat with us on the chat icon, call or text 0474220573 to organise your regional/interstate removal or backload.

The next backload is for Melbourne to Sydney, departing Melbourne on 1/2 or 2/2 and arriving the next day.  Fixed quotes are available starting from $200.

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