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Apartment in St Ives to a house in Church Point

The Oosthuizens had a 4-bedroom house in Church Point that was undergoing renovations.  While their house was being renovated, they stayed in their daughter’s apartment.  They requested a fixed price using a full service: packing, boxes and moving.  The problem was that the lift in their 4-bedroom house was not yet fully operational and to access the other levels the men had to walk up 3 flights of outdoor stairs with the furniture. 

The fixed price was $3600.  The packing took 7 hours and the move took 9 hours with 4 men and 2 trucks.  The customers also booked storage with us for a few items at $150 monthly inclusive of storage insurance.  The Oosthuizens had booked us to move them to their daughter’s apartment and were happy to book us again with the fixed price quote.  They have been so happy with our service we have also moved their relatives and their city based office.

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