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Affordable moves can be tricky.  How do you move on a budget without hassle?

De-clutter early!

Start selling items you don’t need or disposing of them early.  Use online sellers such as Gumtree, Ebay and the many clothing resell (Carousell and Shedd to name a couple) apps for most of your furniture, appliances and clothes.  Second hand bookshops such as Berkelouw will pay you for your books.  Apart from the extra cash you can earn, with less to move your move will be faster and more affordable.

Do-it-yourself move

Hire a trailer or borrow a van or ute from your mates.  Ask some friends to help and have a BBQ and beer as a thank you.  If you are doing this, make sure you avoid rush hour to save on fuel costs.  Use our guide to help you decide whether you should DIY your move: Hire a mover or move myself?

Get affordable packing materials

Buy your markers and duct tape at the dollar stores.  Get free boxes!  Use the boxes from your workplace.  Many shops such as supermarkets and liquor stores give away their stock boxes if you ask for them.  If you need large boxes and many more than what shops can provide, consider buying them in bulk on Gumtree or Ali baba, and other wholesale price sellers.  Instead of buying bubble wrap, use your own linens, clothes, newspaper and other soft pliable material as padding when you pack.

Shop smart for an affordable but professional mover

If moving yourself is not an option, use a lead website such as Service Seeking or Find a mover to give you a set of options.  Make sure you research each option though and read reviews.  There are a lot of dodgy movers out there who seem cheap but also provide a cheap service: hidden charges such as extras for levels without lifts, fuel and more, they do not cover damage they have caused themselves on your items and more.  Don’t simply go for the cheapest option, do some research as the damage to your apartment or the cost of replacing furniture or appliances may be more than what you  would have paid a decent removalist for.

Prepare, prepare, prepare for your move

When hiring a removalist who charges by the hour, you can reduce the move time by planning ahead.  Disassemble your furniture before the removalists arrive.  Make sure all small items are boxed up and labelled with destination rooms so that they know where everything is going.  These packing tips can help: Making sure you packed everything.

If you live in a unit, book the lift and the loading dock, this will also reduce the hours spent.  If you live in a house on a street with busy parking, use your cars to park next to each other to reserve a parking spot next to your house for the truck.  If you have a car you might as well move the smaller items yourself to let the removalists focus on the large furniture and white goods.

If you prefer a fixed quote removalist, get a few quotes from at least three removalists.  This does not only give you the chance to choose the most affordable option but this way you can meet the movers but also to find one you can trust.

Review your gas, internet, electricity and other contracts

Moving is a good time to check whether you are actually on the most affordable plans.  Since you have to notify your providers of the move, consider whether you are better off terminating the contract and choosing a more affordable plan for yourself.  Some providers may also offer discounts if you are switching plans, get them to sweeten the deal for you!

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