6 bedroom farmhouse in Dural to 4 bedroom house in Cherrybrook

Upon inspection, the supervisor determined it would be a large move that would require 5 men, 2 trucks and 3 packers.  The customers accepted a fixed price of $6000 inclusive of boxes. 

With the kids all grown up and moved out of the house, Annette and Willem Dewat were downsizing and had to move around 120 cubic metres of items.  As they hadn’t moved in 20 years they had accumulated a lot of valuables that they wanted to have moved with care including a piano, a drum kit, an electric guitar, a pool table, some vintage sewing machines and a pool table.  As Annette was working from home and was about to go overseas and Willem managed a very busy consulting firm, she wanted a full packing service for house with as little interruption to her day to day as possible.  They also required cardboard boxes.

The packers finished at 10pm, the removalists arrived on time and  finished at 9pm doing several trips in one day.  Annette and her husband were amazed that their home was packed in one day and moved in the next and were grateful to the teams for their dedication in ensuring everything was done at the end of each day.  They thanked both teams by getting them pizza for dinner as well as generous tips.  If only all customers were like the Dewats!

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