4-bedroom house in Heathcote to 3-bedroom house in Woronora

Ella and her family lived in a large home and wanted a fixed price as they realised that moving house is a huge task and the costs could balloon for them.  They wisely requested an inspection.  Victor looked at each room and noted the access and home contents.He offered a 4-man team with 2 trucks at a fixed price of $2100 subject to the customers packing everything themselves.  Out of 3 quotes, V-move’s was the most competitive in terms of quality for price, and the customers chose us.  The customers did pack and at the end they had 70 cubic metres to move which meant 1 truck had to do a quick second trip.  The move itself was smooth, no complications and everything was done by 4pm which surprised the customers given their home contents, the boys received a tip which is a sign of good removal service.

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Important Things To Know When Moving From Apartment Complex

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