4-bedroom house in Caringbah to 2-bedroom house in Kurnell

Linda was downsizing from family home to a 2-bedroom house in Kurnell as all her children had moved out to Gold Coast.  She was quite stressed as she wasn’t sure what she should get rid of and what she should keep.  Without her kids’ help she also wondered how much she could get done before moving day. We advised her that the hourly would be best as the final job would be variable depending on how much she would finally move. 

She was also concerned about moving her piano.  We reassured her that we had plenty of experience moving pianos.  We charged $150 +$30 for every step up and +20 for every step down for the piano.  As for the move itself, we sent 2 men and a truck and charged $100 call out and $110 hourly as she moved on a weekday.  On moving day, there were still a few things to pack so the removalists quickly finished the packing work using our standard hourly rate.  They also moved a few things to the kerb for council pick up.  We reassured her that we could finish the job on the same day and that she could leave everything to the removalists.  The removalists moved the piano rather easily.  The total including the piano came to $1250.

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