4-bedroom house in Avalon to 3 bedroom house in Dee Why

On moving day 5 men, 2 trucks and a van were used to do everything in one trip.  The total cost including the additional charges for the plants was $3500.

The Derry’s decided to downsize from their 4 bedroom house to be closer to their grandchildren in Dee Why.  Their double storey house needed to be packed and had a tricky access as it was on a high slope.  The van could easily park but the trucks could not get all the way up to the driveway and had to park further down.  The day before the move, the men brought boxes and packed the Derry’s belongings including fine art, documents as well as the usual household items and some large and tall potted plants.

Mr Derry was concerned that his gardener who had supplied the potted plants would not be available to move them out as he was a specialist that could ensure the plants would be safe.  He was also concerned that more than 1 trip would be necessary and they would have to finish the move late at night. His fears were abated since we took great care with the plants and they travelled safely and were not stacked. 

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