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2-bedroom apartment in Cronulla to Cronulla

Kristy and her housemate Nicole needed boxes and removalists to move their 2-bedroom apartment from Gerrale St to Croydon St in Cronulla.  When the delivery man delivered the cardboard boxes he advised the supervisor that parking would be an issue and asked the customers to reserve a spot.  The customers asked us to park on Surf Lane which was still 100m from the lift.  The lift was also small and slow so only 1 piece of furniture could fit at one point in time.  To move things down the lift took a few hours. 

We had initially quoted our usual 4-hour timeframe for 2 bedroom apartments with a lift moving within the same suburb but seeing as the access was so tricky the housemates understood this would not be realistic for their situation.  The parking and access at the delivery on Croydon St were equally difficultThe move itself was rather simple, 2 beds to be disassembled and reassembled at the other end, the customers ended up using all 30 boxes provided. 

The move took 6 hours to move and the cost was $760 ($660 for the hourly, and $100 for call out).


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